The generation of the lost designer.


Every year there are 1000’s of design graduates entering the race for the seemingly limited job vacancies within the design industry of their dreams. Each graduate having worked hard with many years of dedication to get the qualifications they need to reach the dizzy heights of their dream job, for the honour of being able to call themselves a design professional. However, many of these graduates and being brought back down to the harsh realities of life with one foul swoop and many are facing the prospect of unemployment, with the most common reply to a job application being seen all across the country. “Sorry you do not have enough experience” is a phrase that has been seen in all corners of the UK at one point or another, but where does a designer go from there?

After years of studying to become a professional within their industry, thousands of designers are having to defer their skills to other industries such as hospitality in order to pay the bills, many of which get caught up in a routine and never pursue their dreams of becoming a top designer. Thus the UK faces the prospect of generations of lost designers. Thousands of underutilised, creative thinkers with professional skills that can help create the change we are all craving within this country.

The harsh reality that design graduates now face is that “it is not what you know, but who you know”. This is a phrase that could well be used within many industries, so what is it makes designers special? Well the truth behind this statement is that it is not only the privileged or connected that have those vital and illusive connections that everyone needs these days, the truth is that we all ‘know someone’ that could help us achieve our goals, it’s just that we don’t always realise it.

We all live, play and work within a community and sometimes we are so disconnected to what and, more importantly who, is on our doorstep that we could be missing a great opportunity to not only help ourselves succeed but also help develop the communities around us for future generations to come. There are thousands charities and communities across the UK desperate for volunteers and those working within those industries will tell you that the volunteers that they do have are not always utilised for their specialities. So why can we not work together to help benefit everyone? Instead of charities working to better the awareness of their own needs, should we not look to form connections with other local resources to help develop the goals and potential of everyone involved?

The Design Wire aims to create a network where designers can not only benefit their own personal design skills and develop their portfolios but they can also help their local communities in the process. And through these connections, designers can not only use their professional skills to help charities and communities develop their design projects but they can also use their local knowledge to create connections, opportunities and help create a foundation to launch their careers. In return for their time, skills and expertise that the charities can utilise they can also help launch the careers of the designers through the development of their own design projects.

Everything in life is about making the most of the opportunities set before you, utilising the skills you have and helping those around you to develop their own. Let’s help bring back the emphasis to the importance of community led design. Instead of a host of individuals all striving to make the world a better place, why can’t we work together to make our own world a better place, the world that exists on our doorstep.