About The Design Wire

Welcome to the Design Wire Community, we are a community focused, design network. The Design-Wire is a small design organisation that is thinking big; aiming to promote and develop stronger links between Communities and young professional Designers who have a wealth of fresh new ideas to support their local communities and charitable industries. The Design-wire aims to show just how young, new talent can bring creative and innovative solutions in these challenging times and are ready to offer their services in order to develop their CVs.

The Design-Wire believes in communities working together and recognizes the huge benefits that can come from local designers working in and with, their own communities; promoting community ownership and collaborative working.  We work with communities to help create an understanding of the role that design can play within a community and the impact it can have within the social and economic development of the surrounding environment.

We offer FREE design consultations, where we can discuss how we can help achieve your community goals and ambitions through local design resource collaboration and the creative development of existing service targets. We aim to create a local design volunteering and project service platform enabling communities to access professional design advice and services.

We are working to promote how design can have a larger impact on the communities that shape the way we live today. We believe professional design should be made accessible to everyone and we aim to bring local designers to the table to support their community needs and bring much needed fresh ideas and innovative solutions in these difficult times.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do and how we can help your community projects then check out our website www.design-wire.co.uk or simply email us at Info@design-wire.co.uk, or you can use the contact form below.


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